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View Email Subscription Enhancements
Hello - I mentioned some of these things to support directly but thought I would write it down here in case other people would like to add in. In using view email subscriptions a few enhancements come to mind:

* formatting should allow for the same markdown formatting as workflow emails, so that branding of email messages going out from the system can be made and kept consistent. I tried entering HTML code in there, to make it look close, but the HTML checkbox does not mean "you can enter HTML code here" but rather just that the mail will go out as HTML. So we are stuck with text only for the time being, and I have pretty emails going out from workflow, and rather plain ones from subscriptions...

* there should be a test button, so we do not have to wait to see what it looks like.

* time of day should be selectable - sometimes, you want users to get messages at a certain time, and if you want to send a whole view, this method is currently the only way, and so you are stuck with midnight. Problem is, you might want to ensure the email goes in at 9:30, right after the morning email is read, or, at 8:55 so it is at the top of the queue when the person gets in and starts reading...

* the other ideas on here, such as being able to control whether or not to send a subscription with blank records, being able to subscribe to a dashboard, user self-subscription and so forth, are also important to me, from a usability standpoint...

* alternatively, if views could be sent out from normal workflow, that might work too, as my understanding is the email notification engine and the workflow engine were built at different times in the TD product lifecycle

Thanks for listening.


Rick Cogley
Date Created
9/14/2011 6:45:11 PM
Date Updated
11/26/2013 5:20:23 AM
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Philipp Matuschka (MMB)Desmond BeattyRick Cogley
Desmond Beatty 9/15/2011 1:34:04 AM
I'm with Rick
In particular
1. Test Button
2. Time of Day control
3. Blank/Zero record OPTION
But the formatting and workflow are excellent suggestions as well.

Rick, thank you for the comprehensive nature of your request.
Rick Cogley 9/15/2011 4:12:44 AM
My pleasure, Desmond. We have some complex stuff going on, in terms of emails going out from workflows, but view subscriptions are still handled in the system in the separate interface. That is one of the reasons we noticed the difference between those, and the workflow rules.
gerardo garcia 10/13/2011 7:48:58 PM
Agree with:

Test button
Time of day
Blank/zero option (seen this already)

I would add more options like:

every "n" weeks
every "n" months
yearly or every "n" years

Kirill Bondar  Staff  11/23/2012 8:17:11 AM
Time of day and day of month are implemented
Gii Systems 11/26/2013 5:20:23 AM
Hi All

I need the ability to send out dashboards and not just seperate views.
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