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QrCodes PHPscript/generator
He would be really interesting if you could implement a PHP/QrCode Generator script for URLs.

So, when an application is created, in the Application properties you could generate the Qrcode (for the application) using a dedicated button. When a new record is created you would have an option box that will ask user if a QrCode is necessary and if so, the QrCode is stored in a system column and become available to print via document creator or saved wherever you want.

I know it could be usefull for our application purpose and i want to hear from the community. What do you think about that?

Phil Gilbert
Date Created
9/9/2011 1:47:15 PM
Date Updated
9/2/2016 7:27:01 AM
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baseninemartin oliverDale Oliver
beoPhil Gilbert
Kirill Bondar  Staff  9/9/2011 5:35:34 PM
There are many online QR code services you can use for this purpose.

The URL to current record can be obtained via the formula (say, call it RecURL)
URLRoot() & "/preview.aspx?t=" & TableId() & "&id=" & RecordId()

Next is to select online service of your choice that will generate you an image for your record URL, for example:
"" & URLEncode([RecURL])

Set formula's display property as image and you've done with the task.
Phil Gilbert 9/10/2011 12:01:34 PM
Thanks Kirill it works flawless!

I try couple of generator and the the one from google is really easy and simple to integrate.


beo 9/10/2011 12:39:28 PM
Thank you! I used this setting: "" & URLEncode([furl]).
But ... I created a document (*.docx) on the table. In the generated document does not contain images QR-code.
Phil Gilbert 9/10/2011 1:03:48 PM

Document working for me as well.

I'm pretty sure you did it but in the column where the qrcode will be displayed, make sure you click "display as image".

Can you see the Qrcode in the table ? or it's only in generated document?

beo 9/10/2011 1:08:38 PM
only report (documents)
beo 9/10/2011 1:21:15 PM
beo 9/10/2011 1:23:07 PM
Phil Gilbert 9/10/2011 1:41:41 PM
Basically what I did, and I don't know if it will solve your problem but, is:

I created (2) url-formula columns, one that hold the recordID URL and one that display the QRCODE.

The first column contains the code, URLRoot() & "/preview.aspx?t=" & TableId() & "&id=" & RecordId() and
the second column(qrcode display) contains the return Qrcode URL in display as image option.

Maybe the report (document) format can't hold the Qrcode embeded web format from the generator you've used.

Try with this generator from google:

martin oliver 9/6/2012 7:45:47 AM
QR codes being 2d - has anyone tried using 1d barcodes?
Kirill Bondar  Staff  9/6/2012 8:09:11 AM
@Martin: Using this:

The Formula - URL could be
"" & [Bar Code] & "&style=197&type=C128B"
martin oliver 9/6/2012 9:52:29 AM
Thanks Kirill

Used this "" & URLDecode([Manifest Number])

which works, except a demo generator. When generating a document the sizing needs to be adjusted in "Word" is there a way on controlling this?
Kirill Bondar  Staff  9/6/2012 10:40:19 AM
At the moment the size of the picture we generate into Word document is indeed the problem.

You can try to utilize Word's INCLUDEPICTURE merge field and place there the URL and the placeholder for a Manifest Number field - a sort of

basenine 3/17/2016 10:32:33 PM
As an update to this...I used QR-Code Generator ( which uses Google chart other versions using the same google api had the output format incorrect.
Bellow is the format to use - note the URLEncode at the end of the string...all the others put the [COLUMN] in the middle and the chs
(chart size) at the end.


This works well....and once again, following a few threads on here has saved my bacon!
basenine 3/17/2016 10:34:00 PM
BTW...anyone else having trouble reading this thread? It's going off the page area for me....??
Kirill Bondar  Staff  9/1/2016 6:53:51 AM
Implemented as Formula - Barcode column with full support for documents.
Robert Gustavsson 9/2/2016 3:30:48 AM
How is the size of the printed image controlled? "#ps" instructions result in error.
Robert Gustavsson 9/2/2016 4:31:29 AM
So according to the documentation, scaling support is limited. The default printed size seems to be 3-4 times larger than necessary for making a successful scan. Unfortunately we will have to continue using external QR generators whose images can be scaled downed in the document in order to them fit around other information. But I liked the idea of not having to rely on an external service.
Kirill Bondar  Staff  9/2/2016 7:23:40 AM
1. #ps may result in error if we can not fit the output to desired size.

2. Here we trying to follow QR code creators recommendations: "DENSO WAVE recommends for stable operations that each module is made up of 4 or more dots.". ( Source: ). The problem is that on document level we do not know printer's resolution so we consider it low - 150 dpi for ink printer. At 150 dpi we are rendering 4x4 dot modules as recommended. At 600 dpi it will be indeed 4 times larger.

We can patch our code to allow downscaling - then the responsibility would be on your shoulders.
Kirill Bondar  Staff  9/2/2016 7:27:01 AM
According to 1D barcode standards minimal bar width is set at 0.19mm for narrow bar - e.g. printer resolution independent.
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