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Text Query Language for "ask the user" view filters
The TeamDesk team has implemented this great new query language for searches:

It works in the find box at the top right of every user-side page, and in record picker searches. I think this would be really useful for users in filters on search views. I think a lot of my users actually expect the filters to work this way. It might only make sense in filters on text fields. I imagine a user wanting to perform a search like this:

Name: John* OR Jane*
Tags: employee AND central-office
Notes: "Recently promoted"

I think it would really nice if there were some way to create "search" filters on views that allowed users to enter the great new text query language.
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Liquid Rapid
Date Created
11/9/2010 12:04:18 PM
Date Updated
11/9/2010 12:04:18 PM
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