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Calendar view with grouping, time bars and drag&drop
As of now, calendar can only show a list of sorted registers per day and feels it is not intended to really operate as a calendar.

1) In a calendar view users are used to drag and drop events.

2) Have a day view in which they can see what time they have busy or available.

3) Have time bars for events that have a duration of several days.

4) Group events (for birthdays, or by people involved,etc)

My personal need in this moment is to be able to group registers and have time bars, this is needed because we use the application to control preventive maintenance, so we need to see with time bars which of the service engineers is available, or on vacation, or on training in a week or month view. Also to group events by engineer or by type of equipment.
iso programacion td example.docx
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gerardo garcia
Date Created
10/5/2010 1:40:25 PM
Date Updated
7/16/2021 9:59:44 AM
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gerardo garcia
Sam Parish 10/5/2010 5:45:48 PM
There are a number of conceptual ideas we can borrow from which is the best task manager / calendar cloud based software I have found in a decade. Click on "date due" for example in this program. It also has duration estimating and collaboration. Some of the features Gerardo suggests, are even a step further!
gerardo garcia 10/5/2010 8:17:53 PM
I was thinking more of a google calendar feeling.
Agreed that Toodledo rocks, I also like remember the milk.
Being able to group data in a calendar view dont seem that complex.
Time bars, a little.
Drag and drop, maybe more.
basenine 10/6/2010 5:17:56 PM
If I could promote this 10 times I would... This would change our whole business process and make it alot simpler.
We currently use Google Calendars to schedule our factory and customer appointments - this can text/email newly created appointments and text/email reminders as well. What I'd like TD to to is this style of calendaring (with texting functionality) as well as dependent related calendar entry shifts i.e. If "x" happens (or takes longer/shorter) then "y" shifts accordingly.

This post relates to Kirill's ical format post

Gii Systems 10/7/2010 1:40:47 AM
I would gladly promote this 10 times Brett.
Something that could maybe be achieved in the short term is the ability to use [Start Date] and [End Date] fields that would list a record on the calendar for all dates within this range?
gerardo garcia 10/7/2010 2:07:43 AM

We also use google calendars (google apps) for our company email, calendars, etc. Would be awesome to connect them with teamdesk so when a preventive maintenance is scheduled it would be stored in teamdesk and sync on the respective technitian google calendar as well, which will also sync with their blackberry or android phone.

Just sharing.

For now with calendar grouping and time bars our app would rock.

calvin peters 7/16/2021 9:59:44 AM
This basic idea , in one form or another has been cropping up since this was posted. Since drag and drop has been implemented for a while now lets get this or one of the other suggestions bumping and give it some oxygen.
1459 from today

1370 from 2020

These all seem to be trying to solve the same problem ...ability to build a drag and drop daytimer.
Currently drag and drop doesn't work on anything more granular than a calendar but ID 1459 is asking for an hourly drag and drop grid of sorts and ID 1370 is suggesting to solve the same problem by opening an edit form via NAVIGATION ACTION to change a time after dropping into a new date. One of these 3 must be possible by now...

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