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Development Schedule / Cycles / Feedback
At present, the team at TeamDesk don't seem to provide information about which features here on the Idea Exchange will make it into the next release, or when this next release might occur.

This approach makes it difficult for power users to know what to expect, and where to invest time in work-arounds and participating here on the Idea Exchange.

I propose that TeamDesk provide a more regular update about its development schedule, upcoming features and the status of ideas to its users. If we are going to take the time to suggest ideas, the very least TeamDesk can do is acknowledge the ideas in the development schedule, or provide us with some kind of feedback about when these ideas might make it into the release.

It would also be helpful if TeamDesk could set some criteria for new features based on the "Voting" system here. For example, there are many ideas with over 100 points of support, but nothing has been said about if or when these would be added to the TeamDesk release schedule.

Perhaps it is best for TeamDesk to have a 90-day release cycle we can depend on, and nominate features for release in the next cycle. If the feature doesn't make it due to time-constraints or unforeseen problems, that is OK ... as long as there is a good explanation and a commitment to release it in the following cycle.

This lack of visibility regarding the ongoing development makes me nervous about "over investing" in TeamDesk ... and I am fairly certain I am not the only one.

User Experience

Matthew Porter
Date Created
6/9/2009 6:27:26 PM
Date Updated
7/6/2010 1:33:04 AM
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Rick CogleyKevin SmithRyan Van Der Vorste
gerardo garciaMarcelo BravoMatthew Porter
gerardo garcia 6/9/2009 11:21:06 PM
There is a link of coming soon ideas, but as you say, I´ve always seen it empty, and have also asked myself about the other posted ideas which are over 100 points.
Kirill Bondar  Staff  6/10/2009 11:29:52 AM
We do not follow "regular releases" concept. We do not think our aim is in adding more and more features to the product making it cumbersome after all.

Instead, we constantly release evolving updates and bugfixes. We do not bug users with the list of fixes and improvements since it is our mission to keep the service up and running without any problems. And customers should concentrate on the implementation of their business process. It's an SaaS after all and the customers should not care what product version they are using: it is always the latest one.

Of course we are looking at Idea Exchange to know what customers need. And even more information we gather from TeamDesk Support.

Well, we do not always mark ideas as "Coming Soon" in time, we promise to reform :)

As for the plans for the nearest future:
* Query Optimization: in certain situations you may gain the performance by rewriting the formulas one way or another. We could try to make TeamDesk less dependent on such tricks.
* Another approach to the API: the API now provides raw data. The idea is to make a special version of the API oriented to building custom HTML front ends (JSON, AJAX)
* Rethinking the relations: currently many-to-many relation serves as an all-purpose tool to achieve the result beyond one-to-many functionality. The idea is to provide more task-oriented relation types.
* Mobile version: build lighter version of the UI for mobile clients.
gerardo garcia 6/10/2009 1:32:58 PM
Thanks for the feedback Kirill. Nice to know on those next releases. Hope to see the multirow edit within them soon. Regards.
Rick Cogley 7/6/2010 1:33:04 AM
It is definitely nice to hear from you, about new things that are being implemented.

As for many-to-many, I think it can be improved from the users standpoint, in terms of easily adding or subtracting multiple items to and from a column, and perhaps good if it offers display options such as in-column display. Good for smaller lists.
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