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Application User Profiles
At present, a User's Full Name is created and maintained by the User themselves.

What would be helpful is to enable an "override" for each Application so that the Administrator can edit the User's name for the application without relying on the user to use the correct name in their own log in.

Alternatively, enabling the system to link a Record Owner field to an Application table would enable "Custom" profiles on a per Application basis.

Matthew Porter
Date Created
5/2/2009 12:51:29 AM
Date Updated
5/2/2009 12:51:29 AM
New Idea
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gerardo garciaMatthew Porter
Matthew Porter 5/4/2009 2:03:42 AM
Aparently, this CAN be done (with a bit of fiddling).

For those of you who are curious, here's how:

1. Create a new table called "Users"
2. Add a column called "User ID"
3. Add a column called "User Name"
4. Set the "User ID" column as the "Key Column"

Now you can link to the Users table using the "Record Owner" column from any other table, and bring in the Lookup value of "User Name" where you need it! :)

You can also add any other profile fields you need.

The only "down side" to this approach is that you have to manually create a new User record any time you create a new user ... but that's fairly easy for most people.

Kirill, this might be a good blog post and/or video idea! :)

As an aside, perhaps TD can add this entity by default as a "starting point" to every application (or provide the option to do so via a simple checkbox).

Matthew Porter 5/4/2009 2:04:31 AM
Oh, I should add that the "User ID" column should be of type "User"...
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