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Relations between applications
Would be great to be able to make relations between different applications and not only between tables within same application.

gerardo garcia
Date Created
8/18/2008 11:23:42 PM
Date Updated
12/13/2012 10:23:11 AM
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gerardo garcia
Kevin Bishop 12/13/2012 8:46:57 AM
I am currently working on C# code that reads e-mails from workflow rules in one teamdesk application and updates/creates records in a table in another teamdesk application. Its early days but it's working in principal.
It would be nice if the applications could be linked directly.
Slava Shinderov  Staff  12/13/2012 9:22:56 AM
@Kevin can you give us comment on following two points:

1. Why you can't merge these two application into one?

2. What's the reason to read and parse e-mail notifications from app instead of direct access to the app data via API?
Kevin Bishop 12/13/2012 9:38:28 AM

1. Because the applications will be owned by different businesses and I am the only user with access to both.
2. I can react to e-mails triggered by workflow rules, like new records or changed fields rather than having to trawl the database for changes every few minutes. Not pretty I know, but if you have better ways, please let me know, still in early stages :-)

Kirill Bondar  Staff  12/13/2012 10:07:58 AM
With Workflow Rules: Call URL you can set up your TeamDesk application to make request to your C# code when fields are changed. The code could in turn make an update to another app via API.
Kevin Bishop 12/13/2012 10:23:11 AM
Thanks Kirill, I'll have a look at Call URL.
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