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Integrated Email
This would probably be a tall order but what I'd like to see is email directly integrated into teamdesk. The email itself would be a record with the fields being: to, from, date, time, header, message itself, attachment(s), etc. Emails that are sent to or from the integrated account would automatically be stored in teamdesk. Ideally they could automatically or easily be linked to other records so that the "to" or "from" field would match an existing contact.

Andrew Winters
Date Created
4/4/2009 10:26:56 AM
Date Updated
1/23/2014 7:24:17 AM
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José Alencar 4/4/2009 10:49:45 AM
You shoul integrate to Gmail. IT WOULD BE FANTASTIC
Gii Systems 8/2/2010 9:53:49 AM
I have a requirement to receive faxes directly into an application. This can be to receive customer orders via Fax, and to have this available in the application without an administrator having to ‘attach’ the document.

I would imagine that if I use Fax-to-mail, the document is sent along as an attachment. This should then be sent to a predetermined address that will attach the document into a new record.

Rick Cogley 8/6/2010 4:43:22 PM
This kind of thing would certainly be nice. Though I understand the complexity of making an email parser that could receive and parse mail in its large number of variations, it would allow numerous applications that dictate external app plus SOAP kludges at this point. If the parser could read variable:setting field entries out of the mail body, it would be even better, a la:

Status: Open
Assignee: Joe Smith
Priority: Low

... and also parse the attached TIF(s) or PDF(s) into some attachment field.


Gii Systems 8/8/2010 3:48:36 AM
All the necessary code to parse emails is allready built in to CRMdesk: All we need is that this is turned into a feature on TDesk.

Rick Cogley 8/8/2010 5:17:40 AM
Jacques, indeed it does. The CRMdesk seems good, but unfortunately its integration with TeamDesk is only to the extent that we can get a read only copy of the data, to reference (and write reports against etc). What I need is the ability to create a list of the emails that came in, and be able to have some kind of 1:1 link to another table in which I can specify status, priority and so on, for that given item. I have been thinking about how to handle this one, because my staff want to manipulate support tickets directly from our timekeeping interface.
Desmond Beatty 6/28/2011 6:42:37 AM
Please consider Issues 250/272/352 as a group for implementation
Desmond Beatty 6/28/2011 6:45:22 AM
Please consider Issues 250/272/352 as a group for implementation. (My specific requirement is for Outlook)
Gii Systems 10/17/2011 4:33:39 AM
See also Idea #222 that relates to this.
Rick Cogley 10/17/2011 4:41:22 AM
We ended up rolling our own interface from email, then POSTing to the web to record form of a relevant table.
Kirill Bondar  Staff  11/2/2011 11:51:38 AM
Merged with:
352 - E-mail to record
Savfa 12/23/2011 8:23:13 AM
There is many ways to convert mails to data and we need is for team desk to receive the mails and convert it to data so that we can respond and manipulate the data from there.Many people respond from a web site on the contact us.It will surely be of great help if we can directly respond also from this.
Baret Kouyoumdjian 9/4/2012 9:17:59 AM
Outlook integration would make Teamdesk an even more unbeatable product. Data management (Teamdesk) really needs to be able to communicate (Outlook) with the outside world.
Arnold Hakobyan 9/7/2012 12:22:42 AM
If you need, for example, the daily exchange rate, you can manage somewhere to email it directly to your database on daily bases.
Baret Kouyoumdjian 7/10/2013 7:17:11 AM
Hi Guys,
Still waiting for email integration. Its the only way to connect our application to the real world - Emails would be integrated into our system allowing its full integration with customers and suppliers.

Philipp Matuschka (MMB) 7/11/2013 6:43:43 AM
Yes PLEASE. A simple integration at client level would work for me.
Philipp Matuschka (MMB) 7/11/2013 6:44:56 AM
Hadn't finished: I meant Outlook client level. It does not have to be at server level. I even specified this for a third party company once, but it was going to work out to expensive for me to pay for. Happy to provide you with the spec. if you wish.
martin oliver 9/27/2013 1:41:18 PM
Many software solutions have to ability to mail documents directly using locally installed mail software. Could this not simply be something like the "print" button in Teamdesk, except it sends a mail directly from say "Outlook" and becomes an option in the documents setup where currently the only option is "Word" .docx format. Being able to also choose as .pdf would also be fantastic
Baret Kouyoumdjian 9/28/2013 2:54:54 AM
excellent idea by martine
Gii Systems 10/16/2013 1:08:40 PM
I have seen this in action today in a system called Streamline. Each Task is identified by a Task ID. When an e-mail is sent to a supplier/contact, the user simply starts the subject line with the task ID and CC
The entire email is then parsed into Streamline with all attachments, linked to the Task record.
It does not need to trigger any workflow/status etc. It just needs to be there and be available as part of the historical data linked to the task for reference.
Baret Kouyoumdjian 10/16/2013 2:00:06 PM
Hi Jacques
Can you give us a website to check out Streamline?
Slava Shinderov  Staff  10/30/2013 6:58:22 AM
We've plans to add such feature.
We consider implementing it in following way:
You'll be able to activate that functionality on table level.
If Email-to-Record was enabled for table, system will associate unique email address with a table ( for example <databaseid>.<tableid> ).
You'll also be able to setup mapping between email fields (From, To, CC, Subject, Body, Attachment1, Attachment2, Attachment3, Attachment4) and table columns.
Email-to-Record will work in a way similar to form Web-to-Record, so when new email is arrived we'll parse it and create a new record in a table.
After that standard workflow rules will be fired, so you'll be able to post-process arrived message and extract data from it, or create records in other tables if needed.
We'll be happy to hear some feedback if that will work for you - to make sure that we're moving in right direction.
Rick Cogley 10/30/2013 7:23:39 AM
This will be great, Slava.

I hope you could consider a string we can add per table to act as kind of a "password" just in case someone unsavory gets the email address. We could change it in a pinch.

Liquid Rapid 10/30/2013 7:42:15 AM
That would be great, Slava! I've had multiple people ask me for this. What you described would work really well.

I wonder if it wouldn't be possible to get attachments landing in a separate table (Email Attachments) where each one is linked to the Email record. Then attachments could be shown in a details view under the email. That would eliminate any limit on the number of attachments the system could handle.

It would also mean that if you create a new record based on the email (ie, a Sales Lead) you could copy the Id of the Email record. With that Email Id you could create a details view under the Sales Lead that shows all the attachments very easily. Attachments could move around very easily.

Without that, 1) It's impossible to copy attachments over in a workflow action; and 2) You could still link to the Email, but it's impossible to pull attachments as a Lookup that still works the same way. I think it is possible wrap them in an XHTML column, then pull that as a lookup, but this is much more work to do each time E2R is set up.

I like Rick's idea about a password string too. If spam starts coming in, it could be useful to just switch the email address.
Slava Shinderov  Staff  10/30/2013 7:52:21 AM
@Rick we'll consider adding some kind of "password"
@Nathan we've plan to extend workflow action assignments to allow copying of "File Attachment" column.
Liquid Rapid 10/30/2013 7:54:33 AM
Understood! That would be useful to me in other places also. Looking forward to that.
Gii Systems 10/30/2013 7:55:24 AM
Perfect Slava! Can not wait to implement this.
Philipp Matuschka (MMB) 10/30/2013 8:33:10 AM
Would it also be possible to email out from a record including attachments?

Also I Nathan's suggestion of landing the attachments in a separate linked table should be given serious consideration for all the reasons already listed by him.
Slava Shinderov  Staff  10/30/2013 9:01:48 AM
@Philipp ability to send e-mail is not related to that idea since we're talking about incoming e-mail handling.

We understand that ability to handle variable number of attachment may be a plus, but it will require much more complicated setup.
Please note that we've no plans to implement full email client in TeamDesk since system is not capable to display email content properly in general.
So we think that potential use of that functionality would be to to trigger some action on record(s) via email or to implement simple protocoling system.
Liquid Rapid 10/30/2013 9:11:05 AM
Definitely understand that adding another table into the mix would make things more difficult.

If it's possible to copy attachments, that actually gets me what I want. I would probably use a workflow action to create 4 attachment records for each email that comes in. Then I can do it just how I described above, with details views.

I would probably want to clear the attachment on the original record, so the ability to assign null to a File Attachment column would help there. That way I don't have multiple copies of the same file laying around. It would save space on the TeamDesk servers, too.
Rick Cogley 10/30/2013 9:29:37 AM
One use case is a ticketing system, and I think there might be need for:

* using another domain to forward to the special Teamdesk email address, like, set up as an alias in the user-side email system.

* allowing "sub addressing" (IETF RFC 5233) where a +tag before the @ mark is allowed. This is a function of a setting in the mail server software. For instance, if we assign a ticket number and want to parse it later, our alias would need to simply pass through an address like Teamdesk could then be set to parse the +tag into a [Subaddress] field, so that [Subaddress] would contain 12345 in this example, either natively, or via a formula.

martin oliver 10/30/2013 9:37:08 AM
If I understand correctly attachments from mails (tiffs, pdf) could be mapped. Could this be to existing records in any table and could the existing records Id be used to make the correct association. We would then have to find some way of getting the id in a scanned document (originated from Teamdesk) available for the association. Maybe with barcoding
Rick Cogley 10/30/2013 9:43:11 AM
Further on subaddressing, come to think of it, if workflows are considered, I think the best thing would be if there is a [Subaddress Delimiter] character field in setup for this, and TD automatically extracts whatever is between the delimiter and the @. This would make it easier to parse an id out of an email address.

More things to consider -

* what to do about email that comes in when the Teamdesk system is under maintenance. Will your server queue any inbound email if TD cannot process?

* we are seeing certain people or companies putting a bunch of small icons on their email signature for social networks. These probably have some impact on attachment handling.

* gmail allows 25MB attachments now, so, probably a fairly large attachment size would need to be allowed to match what typical email systems allow.

Liquid Rapid 10/30/2013 9:50:10 AM
The subaddressing is a good point. It would be really useful.

Maybe there's a way to handle subaddressing and password strings in one go. If there's a wildcard in the accepted email addresses:

And all emails to any of those addresses land in the same table, with the To address stored in the table, it would be possible to do all of that.

These would all get through:

1) Formula defaulting could parse out both password strings and subaddresses.
2) Filtering on the workflow action could restrict it to run only for the correct password string. All emails with incorrect password strings would simply be ignored.
3) The subaddress is then available for use in relations and in the workflow action.
werner lategan 10/31/2013 4:58:45 AM
Yes this would open so many doors for existing desktop application integration into teamdesk. With so many Desktop App Business Owners out there with mail functionality built-in, and the increased demand for cloud integration, this would defenately improve our conversion rates.

Love the Idea
Baret Kouyoumdjian 10/31/2013 6:20:31 AM
I am all for this idea - It will open up communication between the closed TD environment and the rest of the world.
gerardo garcia 10/31/2013 9:42:59 AM
Thanks Teamdesk, looking forward for this.
A +1 for achieving coms between TD and the world.

In my case from the application standpoint, I would hope for a customer to be able to receive an email from:

(servicetiket#) or

So the customer could just reply to that message and all the follow-up to that ticket would be registered in teamdesk without the need for the customer to be a user.

For this to work properly we would also need to be able to attach documents to outbound email. Also when customer hits reply, a marker like "reply above this line" so we don´t have the whole email registered again.

The importance of this increases as everyone is moving towards cloud services. To relate with customer A I would need an account in salesforce, for customer B another account in teambox... sap, teamdesk, mavelink, etc, etc... The way to solve this is if all this systems communicate through email, hence I think all effort toward this will result positive.

Rick Cogley 10/31/2013 6:09:09 PM
@Gerardo, what we do currently is have a set of "middleware" services that convert inbound email to http POST, which then hits the web2record API for a given table.

We have a workflow create a record in a different table, where, that record's ID becomes the ID that needs to be referenced, to append messages to that record. We simply use workflow to trigger an outbound email to the sender, with a From: including the ID in a +tag (like I mention above) that will get the email back into the system, when the client replies.
Jamie 10/31/2013 6:37:54 PM
This is brilliant.

We needed this so badly that last year we had a program written that 'pushed' email records into a table via the TD API. It worked but we spent a lot of time fine tuning it. The program would poll a mail account and post the email to a TD record.

Parsing email is not as simple as it sounds, there are many things to consider. for example: HTML comes in as raw code and needs to be stripped... just to name one issue but there are many. Having this done on the TD server eliminates so many hurdles.

This will make the integration with existing systems SO much easier... almost a breeze.

This is beautiful news.

Slava Shinderov  Staff  11/5/2013 5:53:32 AM
We're opening "E-mail to Database" functionality to public preview. Please activate it in Labs if you wish to preview and test how it works.

After activation system will add special "Mailbox" table to hold inbound emails and unique email address will be associated with your database. You may use that address in "To", "CC" or "BCC" fields. You may also setup forwarding of mail to that address. Please note that system import emails with some delay (usually 5 minutes interval).

You'll need to process inbound email in "Mailbox" table using workflow rules or in some other way. Please do not create references to it, since "Mailbox" content
will be cleaned up periodically.

If you need to create new records while receiving emails, we'd recommend you using record change trigger on "Mailbox" table with corresponding record create action.

If you need to update some records, then you'll need to perform following steps:

1. Extract information to identify which record to update with help of Formula columns in "Mailbox" table.
2. Create many-to-many relation between "Mailbox" and table you wish to update with corresponding match condition.
3. With help of summary columns extract required information from "Mailbox" including "Date Created" column.
4. Create a time depended trigger in table you wish to update on "Date Created" from "Mailbox" with corresponding record update action.

We've also extended workflow action assignment to allow attachment assignment.

Please check how it will work for you. We will also be happy to hear any feedback on how this new functionality can be improved.
Jamie 11/5/2013 6:02:48 AM
Thats fantastic Slava

I am having a look at it now.

Will you be adding the same functionality to DBFlex?

Slava Shinderov  Staff  11/5/2013 6:44:23 AM
@Jamie yes, you can test it under dbFLEX as well.
Gii Systems 11/5/2013 6:51:16 AM
Thank You! Briliant!
Rick Cogley 11/5/2013 7:49:21 AM
Thanks! Did a cursory test setup in db 15331, but nothing is being imported.
martin oliver 11/5/2013 12:51:55 PM
Wow this was done quickly - Thanks. What is the mail size limit?
Slava Shinderov  Staff  11/5/2013 1:38:51 PM
@Martin we've set mail size limit to 20MB.
Rick Cogley 11/5/2013 4:21:29 PM
Slava and team, thanks for addressing the inbound problem I was having.

It would increase the flexibility by a lot, if we could also have the +tag subaddressing. It is even more important because you are approaching the solution with a single table. What I mean is, if I send to -

... the system is not yet honoring the +somestring.

Having this would allow us, for example, to indicate which table the inbound email is associated with, in a stealthy manner, in bcc. Otherwise, we would have to impose some way of doing it in the subject line for instance, which exposes the trick.

Slava Shinderov  Staff  11/5/2013 4:49:14 PM
@Rick we've added subaddressing support. Enjoy ;-)
Rick Cogley 11/5/2013 4:54:02 PM
Thanks, I confirm it works!
Gii Systems 11/5/2013 11:39:37 PM
Works very well

Is it possible to include the Senders Sent Time and Sent Date?
It will make it easier to track back to senders outbox if we need to.
Rick Cogley 11/6/2013 12:18:43 AM
That's a good point, Jacques. If there's a delay, it is useful to be able to reconcile the time in the header vs the time the message was marked received by the db.
Slava Shinderov  Staff  11/6/2013 5:58:07 AM
@Jacques, @Rick we've added "Sent" timestamp column.

Please delete "Mailbox" table and enable "E-Mail to Database" once again if you need such column.
Rick Cogley 11/6/2013 6:26:02 AM
Thanks, Slava.
Scott Miller 11/6/2013 6:30:18 AM
@Slava the fact you also slipped in 'We've also extended workflow action assignment to allow attachment assignment' is very much welcomed!
Rick Cogley 11/7/2013 1:32:50 AM
I tried making an alias for this, and it works fine.

I created a mailbox using procmail forwarding, which uses a recipe to forward to our special Teamdesk email2post address, and an alias that points that that mailbox. The reason for the extra layer is, I previously found that headers are not written the same when simply setting forwarding on the alias, as you can indeed do, and procmail writes them in a useful way. Further, if you ever need specific headers for whatever reason, you can manipulate them using the procmail recipe quite extensively. Different helpdesk systems have required different setups, over the last few years we have been doing this.

At any rate: now when I send to post+tag@ourdomain.tld, it goes right into the table.

Rick Cogley 11/7/2013 1:40:48 AM
One other field that would be useful is, Priority, which I think is generally indicated in the header called X-Priority, an integer value. Values 1 and 2 correspond to "High" or "Urgent" set in mailer software. Value 3 is "Normal" and 4 or 5 are "Low". It differs depending upon the mail client software, how it is set.

If you check for 1 or 2, this gives you at least an anecdotal indication of whether the sender marked the email high priority, or not. You could link it to a Formula Checkbox in another table, so users could see a flag saying the sender sent it as "Urgent".

Could you consider?
Rick Cogley 11/7/2013 1:55:41 AM
@Slava, for your reference I just sent two emails in at 16:46 and 16:52 JST, with priority set to High in both cases. I sent from Apple Mail and from a webmail client.
martin oliver 11/8/2013 2:44:00 AM
Is there any potential to split an attachment i.e. pdf's, where this is often done with barcodes.
Slava Shinderov  Staff  11/8/2013 3:15:41 AM
@Martin it's not clear for me what you mean under "split" term. If you're talking about extracting some information from attachment content then it's not possible and is not related to email processing in any way.
martin oliver 11/8/2013 3:21:45 AM
@Slava there are instances where a mail may be received with a multi-page pdf, and these pages need to be separated. Its not extracting attachment content.
Slava Shinderov  Staff  11/8/2013 3:39:25 AM
@Martin system should process attachment exactly as any email client do. If that is not the case please raise a support ticket.
martin oliver 11/8/2013 6:39:40 AM

"Please check how it will work for you. We will also be happy to hear any feedback on how this new functionality can be improved." In development
Slava Shinderov  Staff  11/8/2013 8:05:18 AM
@Rick we've added "Priority" field.

Everyone who need it, please delete "Mailbox" table and enable "E-Mail to Database" to recreate it.

@Martin we're developing generic feature, all specific usage as processing PDF attachment different way, extracting some info from attached images are out of scope of ability handle incoming messages.
Rick Cogley 11/8/2013 8:17:51 AM
@Slava, thanks. I confirm Priority works as expected. Cool!
martin oliver 11/8/2013 8:22:07 AM
@Slava All mailbox records "created by" in application owners name. I understand this needs to be like this for non users but any possibility that if the sender is a user in the database that the record is then created by this user
Slava Shinderov  Staff  11/8/2013 9:02:51 AM
@Martin please use ToUser([From]) formula to convert the sender to a user and IsUserEmail([From]) formula to check if the sender is a user in the database.
There is no reason to implement any logic using "Mailbox" table columns since records from that table will be automatically deleted.
gerardo garcia 11/8/2013 9:10:19 AM
I am using ToUser([From]) to convert the sender to a user and action to create a new record in another table with assignment to "created by" , but new record always is created with the application owners name. Is this normal?
Kirill Bondar  Staff  11/8/2013 9:33:54 AM
@gerardo - normally we should not allow assignments to a system fields such as Created By, Created On, Modified By and Modified On. Due to bug TeamDesk allows you to select Created By column for assignmentbut the assignment is in fact ignored. You can use Record Owner column instead.

gerardo garcia 11/8/2013 9:50:00 AM
@kirill. Understood, thanks!
Rick Cogley 11/11/2013 12:43:58 AM
@Slava, @Kirill - hi guys - I am wondering, what's the best strategy going forward. If there is a change to the base structure of the Mailbox table, you have recommended deleting the table then re-enabling.

However, if we do a bunch of workflow, relation or other settings on the table, then delete and let the system re-create, won't those settings be lost?

Slava Shinderov  Staff  11/11/2013 2:45:13 AM
@Rick I guess there is no more email attributes. Even if we'll add something it would be possible for us to add it manually into particular database without deleting "Mailbox" table in case of existing complex setup.
Rick Cogley 11/11/2013 2:47:09 AM
Thanks Slava. Ok.
Jamie 11/11/2013 6:14:18 PM
@Rick, @Slava Wouldn't it be great if we could backup the db structure. Teamdesk has a merge feature when trying new application templates. As you both know, when you start a new application you get presented with the choice to merge or start clean. I have no idea what is involved to implement such a feature but it might be worth starting a new idea thread. This would help enormously when building applications for people and reselling TD/DBFlex. Imaging being able to build application 'modules' and merging them in whatever your building. - Jamie
Slava Shinderov  Staff  11/12/2013 12:58:56 AM
@Jamie it's not clear for me how to "merge" or "backup the db structure" are related to "Integrated Email" idea. Please create separate idea if you wish to suggest something. We'll not discuss it here.
Jamie 11/12/2013 12:00:46 PM
The idea was following on from @Ricks post regarding ways to backup the mailbox settings but I agree its getting a bit far from the point of the thread. Sorry Slava.
Rick Cogley 11/12/2013 6:08:29 PM
@Slava, Kirill - hi - I noticed that the Subject and CC fields are both Text 40. Per the email spec, I think the subject can be 255 characters. I am not sure about the max for CC, but, 40 will surely be too short to cover the several CCs which are typical in corporate emails :->

Of course I noticed this after having set up the workflow, so, I wonder if you agree to update these, can you please reset mine manually?
Rick Cogley 11/12/2013 6:22:30 PM
Actually, same for the To: field. That can get large as well.
Rick Cogley 11/12/2013 6:40:36 PM
Thinking about the use case above, where we want to use a +tag to indicate which table to post to, but want to hide it from general view (the other recipients), the +tag portion is working fine, but, I'd like to request tracking of the BCC field as well.

Could you please consider that?

Rick Cogley 11/13/2013 2:48:00 AM
Hello - I discovered a bit of an issue. When I attach PNG files intending them as actual attachments I want to process, they are ignored. I have tried a few different ways of selecting and formatting (rich text vs plain text) but it seems to not matter.

Is there a way you can allow the system to honor images as attachments?

Slava Shinderov  Staff  11/13/2013 6:01:22 AM
@Rick actually "Mailbox" not a real table it's just a snapshot of our internal table that store all incoming mail. So "Width" property does not matter here.

We've added new "Tags" column which holds sub-address (part after + specified in email address). @Rick we've added it into your "Mailbox" table manually.

Please send mail with PNG attached to, so we'll be able to investigate.

Rick Cogley 11/13/2013 6:05:05 AM
Ok, thanks Slava. So that means, I should just go ahead and BCC the special address, and use the Tags column in the filter condition for my workflow?

Thanks also for the test email address; I sent a test message with four images.

Slava Shinderov  Staff  11/13/2013 6:15:13 AM
@Rick yes, you'll need to use "Tags" column.
Rick Cogley 11/13/2013 7:14:08 AM
Thanks Slava. Ok, I tried this, BCC-ing my special address, and nothing appears in Tags. The email _did_ show up in the Mailbox table, Id 1756.
Kirill Bondar  Staff  11/13/2013 10:06:08 AM
@Rick - about pictures

It looks like depending on attached file types generates message in a different ways. If pictures are mixed with other file types all files are set as "attachments", while if there are only pictures they are placed inline with HTML content and there is no way to specify that they are "attached" to the message.

We've patched message parser to treat those pictures as attachments. The drawback is that many messages often contain such inline images as corporate logos in message signatures - having no real value - and they will be now imported.
gerardo garcia 11/13/2013 10:38:47 AM
@Kirill, Rick: Yes, I made some tests at the beginning and noticed this. But since design is to have 4 attachments I prefered not to report this because we could run out of "slots" for them. Maybe Nathans idea of landing attachments in a separate table could help. Thanks! Regards.
Slava Shinderov  Staff  11/13/2013 11:44:01 AM
@Gerardo the system tries to fill spots with attachments first, and it starts adding attachments extracted from the content only if there are spots available.
gerardo garcia 11/13/2013 11:48:07 AM
@Kirill. Mind in peace. Thanks!
Rick Cogley 11/13/2013 6:14:23 PM
Thanks guys. Hmm, I can see where it would be a problem w/ signature inline images. Ideas:

* could a toggle checkbox be added to the setup, so that people could decide to either process or not process images

* does it make sense to have a blacklist, where image filenames and maybe their associated domain in From: could be entered to have the system ignore?

* can you determine images are part of a signature by proximity?

martin oliver 12/3/2013 9:37:06 AM
Currently 4 mail attachments are allowed. Any chance to increase this or better still to allow setup of more or less based on the application requirement but obviously restricted to the mail size limit.
Desmond Beatty (Conc) 1/23/2014 6:39:31 AM
Overall this is a powerful addition to TeamDesk. Thanks.

To a detail:
Record Create triggers and actions seem to work ok.
But Time Triggres and send email actions do not. If they are not supported on this special table, please remove them from the Setup Menus for this table.

I would like to be able to send an email from this table. If not, I have to use a time trigger against a table into which a new record has been created from Mailbox.

Slava Shinderov  Staff  1/23/2014 7:24:17 AM
@All time-triggers and email actions work with Mailbox table.
@Desmond I've pointed you several times that your email alert do not work due to your database permission settings for database owner account. If you wish to continue discussion about this particular case please use support portal instead of idea exchange.
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