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Collapse / Expand Views within an Overview
As the content of some views may be very large, and the combination of numerous views inside an overview page can therefore create very long lists, it would be great if the individual views could be set to "collapsed" by default. (...similar to the new feature in Forms).
Of course, one can already limit the nr. of records displayed for each view within an overview page today, but when using this regulary (...say: display 3 records for each view), the overview starts to look rather "cluttered" and also the display of the views becomes a bit "odd" when, at the same time, the views do have "custom grouping" feature activated.
Bottom Line... a expand / collapse feature (...just like in Forms) sounds like the cleanes option for me.
User Experience

Date Created
2/27/2008 5:07:04 AM
Date Updated
11/28/2013 4:28:18 PM
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Admin AccountMichael Tillbasenine
Matt Warnershilss
Matt Warner 11/27/2013 11:18:03 AM
This would be the single biggest feature to make the user experience in our database better. We are spending WAY TOO MUCH TIME scrolling past records to get to what we want to see.
basenine 11/28/2013 4:28:18 PM
I see this one was created in 2008...and closely reflects the new Views Layout feature. I think a choice of either the new format, the old format and this idea would be great.
The new format has it's clear benefits from initial looks, but quite often, on certain record types, the old view format is quite necessary.

Having the old format collapsable would certainly work for me.
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