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Ability to Send Detail View and Related View in Email
It would be a terrific customisation, if you could send the normal view (in an email) together with a related view from a table join. I have attached an example from my application

Thanks Andrew


Andrew Newton
Date Created
6/6/2007 8:20:51 AM
Date Updated
4/1/2015 9:34:49 PM
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Rick Cogley 12/27/2010 4:13:36 PM
You can kind of do this, using the Documents feature, then copy-pasting the content of the Word doc that is made, but, it is a couple of steps where one button would be good.

I personally would like a generic non-Word solution, that preps an HTML email with this info, for sending via email.

Rick Cogley 10/13/2011 5:18:42 AM
Just posted an idea here about creating a contract database, here, , and realized that we could do something like what I want using the email notification functionality. If this could be exposed to regular users, to allow text to be edited with tokens, it would open up a lot of functionality. Of course, the ability to add those details views to email per the above, is still a great idea and something that would be needed.
rishi uttam 4/1/2015 9:24:41 PM
Hi Rick

I saw your screen shot, and am curious to know how you got your views to show up as links underneath the TAB. In your screenshot it is highlighted all in RED.

I agree with your idea of a one click solution to email, or for me i would need it to "one click to print" without opening word. (save couple steps)

Rick Cogley 4/1/2015 9:33:00 PM
Hi Rishi - that's not my screenshot, so I am not sure. CSS? Some code loaded in the default dashboard for the tab?
rishi uttam 4/1/2015 9:34:49 PM
Sorry -- Yes just now noticed it was Andrew's.

yes looks like some code injection as does not seem default teamdesk.

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