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Completed Tasks/Events
We've been using the "tasks" and "events" tab more and we feel the "close" button is a little confusing. Sometimes without thinking we are trying to "close" a task to go to the next screen not realizing that we are actually marking it as "completed". The drop down option shows "completed" but the button to mark it as complete is "close". Just a little confusing since we close boxes all the time. I would suggest that you change the "close" box to "complete" or "completed" to eliminate any confusion.
User Experience

Ryan Van Der Vorste
Date Created
9/18/2008 9:08:43 AM
Date Updated
9/18/2008 9:08:43 AM
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ca@showtimegolf.comRyan Van Der Vorste
Comments 10/15/2008 11:26:43 AM
I have this same problem. I've been deleting tasks thinking I am marking them complete and didn't even realize that's I've accidently "closed" tasks because I am simply trying to "close" the window and not actually "complete" the task. Replacing the word "close" with "complete" would eliminate confusion as well.
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