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It would be great to have a more advanced search option. Maybe the original search box is present on the left hand navigation and then there was a little hyperlink next to the box that said "more" or "advanced". Then, depending on your view, you could search within a certain column. So, we do golf bookings, if I am searching for a particular golf course that we booked a client for, everything with "Torrey Pines" may come up whether it was the course they booked or not. If I did a more advanced search the "course name" could be "Torrey Pines" the play date could be "4/27/07" and the number of players could be "4". I am certain to find what I am looking for then...
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Ryan Van Der Vorste
Date Created
4/24/2007 3:26:30 PM
Date Updated
4/24/2007 3:26:30 PM
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