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multi-row edit
Rather than editing 1 row at a time, a form would display all rows in editable form, i.e. each cell in the table is a text box. This would speed up data update significantly.
User Experience

Pierre Carbonnelle
Date Created
12/25/2006 1:47:51 PM
Date Updated
11/22/2011 5:49:28 PM
Not Planned
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Ryan Van Der Vorste 4/24/2007 3:12:13 PM
I agree. If we have changes to make to each record (edits maybe on some, not others) it takes too long to open each item, make the change, save, then go on to the next. I've seen a feature somewhere else where you can "make bulk" edits and you can click on all the items you want to make a change to, like a phone number changes on 16 records, you can say what column you want changed and click on the records and it automatically makes the change to those 16 records. I need it for reconcilation with charges. I want to simply check one box if a vendor charges us correctly but it takes forever to make edits on 100 records.
Anthony Carter 6/25/2007 1:26:07 PM
Being able to edit one row at a time while in a list view would be great, but even better, while in a detail view of the record being able to edit any cell would save from having to load the edit form.

Check this demo out of an in line edit of a row at a time or a cell at time.There are some examples here, if implemented would really make for an easy and dynamic user UI
shilss 10/24/2007 2:37:56 PM
I think one great example of what this could look like is: "iTunes".
You can slelect a couple of songs (=records) and edit them. The system will warn you but allow editing all "free" fields.
Also it is very easy to modify a specific column in list view (...without having to go intoo "edit mode"). All you have to to is to click and wait for one or two seconds.
I think a similar solution would solve a lot of issues when dealing with huge amounts of records in one table.
Slava Shinderov  Staff  10/25/2007 8:30:35 AM
I'll try to illustrate Stefan idea ;-)

Select records you want to change and press Edit button at top of table.

Select records and press Edit -

System will use the **same form as for single record edit** with following changes:

1. Each edited column will have checkbox to select if you want to modify this column.
2. System will populate column values only for columns with the same data within selected records.

Mass Edit Screen -

You will need to **select columns you want to modify**, change values and press "Save"

Select column you want to change -

and see mass edit result.

Mass Edit result -

basenine 4/9/2009 6:09:32 AM
Just looked at two things relating to this. First one was the link that Administrador put forward - there's some great ideas there... Secondly, the multi row edit could work similarly to the attach file button. When you attach a file, it allows you to remove the file as well as attach a new one.. That's all we need to be able to do with multi row edit/create - i.e. create new row, edit and/or delete as required.
Michael Rennert 5/19/2009 11:55:21 AM
QuickBase has a GridEdit feature that displays a spreadsheet-like grid of the database View that allows you to enter and/or modify information in any cell(s). It also has Fill Down, etc. If you plan to offer this feature, you should definitely examine the superb QuickBase implementation closely. It's extremely easy-to-use and well-behaved, with a number of interesting twists (like displaying selecting, copying, pasting, and deleting multiple records, displaying deletions with strikethrough, but allowing you to Cancel without saving, and more).

Spreadsheet-style editing is a killer feature that's number one on my wish list, and apparently, many other people's on this Forum.
Ben Fatchen 5/19/2009 6:22:27 PM
I Just had a look at the grid edit feature in QuickBase, as noted in Michael Rennerts comment. This is exactly the functionality we require in our application!! This would
be a fantastic feature.
basenine 5/20/2009 2:22:58 AM
Yep - checked out the Grid edit and this is exactly what we need.....Actually, that web site might be a bit scary for TeamDesk... There's some very powerful tools with that platform.
basenine 7/10/2009 12:35:05 AM
Hi there - how far off are we from multi row edit please?

Kind regards

walhhorn 3/1/2010 1:59:49 PM
This is the top-rated idea and is nearly two years old and is essential to many customers' use experience.

**Could someone from TeamDesk please let us know where we are on the road to implementation?**
Kirill Bondar  Staff  3/2/2010 8:25:15 AM
Funny thing is, there are in fact three separate ideas listed - check first few comments:

* Pierre proposed "grid edit"
* Ryan proposed "bulk edit"
* Anthony proposed "edit-in-place"
* Stephan + Slava: "bulk edit"
* and then Brett, Ben and Michael voted for "grid edit" again.

The answer for grid editing feature is likely "it will never be implemented". TeamDesk is not a spreadsheet tool like Excel; its architecture heavily depends on row-centric editing and with all these cascading dropdowns, dynamic calculations, form rules and upcoming validation rules it would be nearly impossible to maintain all of them in effect in "grid" mode.

Imagine you've set up the following form rule: when "Start Date" is filled in, **require** the value in "End Date". When editing the form TeamDesk won't let you save the record while End Date is empty. In grid mode the value usually saved immediately when keyboard focus leaves the editor - you've entered start date, clicked somewhere outside of the cell - it is saved, but what to do with End Date?

The same for validation rules - they could be used to apply the restriction on calculated value, say [A]+[B] > 100 leaving individual [A] and [B] values unrestricted. Would you be able to restrict Excel in such a way?

If you wonder how Quickbase deals with all of these, they don't; their grid mode simply does not support scenarios involving dynamic calculations, validation or cascading dropdowns.

In-place editing looks more promising - instead of editing the data cell-by-cell you would edit the entire row - much like it is done currently, but the form is displayed inline as a row of the grid. The row commited at once, all rules and validations will apply. The only caveat here is careful design of the view content - when the row turns editable there should be no required or validating controls off the screen - e.g. in the example above the view should contain both Start Date and End Date.

Bulk edit could be a complement to in-place editing. It does exists in TeamDesk in form of custom actions (hidden, you know) and will be likely replaced with workflow rules (another trigger type "On Button" is what comes in mind first). The idea is [already here](

walhhorn 3/2/2010 12:17:12 PM
Thanks for your thorough explanation, Kirill, and for the reminder that this is a database system, not a spreadsheet product.

TrackVia, a similar product to TeamDesk, (though lacking in certain features such as complex workflow/notifications) does a decent job of in-place editing. You might take a look at how they do it. Their redesigned interface is due out in April, so you might have a look again at that time. (By the way, for ease-of use, interface design, pricing and support, they were my second choice for an online database system when I ultimately decided on TeamDesk. Keep an eye on them. That said, TeamDesk is great!)

Rick Cogley 6/23/2010 5:34:40 AM
Agreed. Anything to make users' lives a little easier. In-place editing would work fine too, as would editing of a column. Coming from the Dabble world, DabbleDB has editing of a column, which can be useful.

We are enjoying our eval of TeamDesk, by the way. It looks really great!
Desmond Beatty 10/18/2011 12:20:16 PM
Dear TeamDesk Support
I am keen to see a user-centric solution to the general question of easier data entry as generally expressed in this top rated Issue #55 by whatever means you determine will satisfy both customers' business needs and TeamDesk technical standards.
kind regards
Rick Cogley 10/24/2011 5:18:01 AM
Hi Guys - yes, indeed, I would like to see this come to fruition in some way. I know it would help our users.
Desmond Beatty 11/21/2011 9:05:06 AM
Dear TeamDesk Support

I notice further promotion by others of this since my last post over a month ago.
I also notice no visible progress on this item, one whch has been top ranked by some considerable margin for a number of years. While this may be a tough technical challenge for you, the lack of this capability continues to frustrate. This opens questions about TeamDesk's commitment to listening and acting upon users business requirements ahead of internal technical matters.

My focus is providing business solutions to my users and making that experience as user friendly as possible. My users are not interersted in the technical arguements as to why somthing cannot be done.

We look to TeamDesk to overcome these internal technichal challenges.

kind regards

PS To the 60+ promoters of this issue.
I would encourage and welcome any additional comment you may have on this, too.

Kirill Bondar  Staff  11/21/2011 10:33:59 AM
As I mentioned above this discussion becomes essentially three-in-one: grid edit, bulk edit and edit-in-place.

Bulk edit can be implemented via Custom Buttons, so 33% of this idea is implemented.

As for remaining two, we are going to close this discussion and instead post two new separate ideas in next few days: one for grid edit and one for edit-in-place. Each one require quite different approach and will have own set of restrictions and limitations.
Michael Ver Duin 11/21/2011 10:42:32 AM
This idea was a bigger need of mine when I first moved to Teamdesk. Now? Not so much. I've either found other ways to implement.

Overall, teamdesk is way faster than our old database we kept in dabbledb
Philipp Matuschka (MMB) 11/21/2011 12:35:55 PM
Look forward to seeing the split case and better understanding what is meant by each. I do know that multi-row edit would be very useful for some of the things I am trying to crack.
Michael Ver Duin 11/21/2011 12:54:35 PM
One use we had for it was to enter values for orders in the system. We could enter the $ value for each one of them fast that way. Instead we solved this by better diligence at entering the value when we input the order.

IF we had an edit-in-place that we could turn off and on, one column (or selected column) at a time from any view, that would be cool.
Kirill Bondar  Staff  11/22/2011 5:49:18 PM
As this discussion lists at least three different ideas we are closing this thread and opening two new:

Inline Record Edit
Grid Edit

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