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Upgrade keywords search to include "lookup fields"
I have gotten the question about 10 times now from different users why some global keyword search didn't display a specific result that they expected to be there. The answer in almost every case was that the string they were looking for did not appear in any "real" field within the table and only appeared in a "lookup field". This keyword search seems to be what all of our users prefer over going to a specific table and using the query views that I have set up, because it is always right there in the corner and is easiest to use. Even though this is not the most efficient search method (searching all tables), it is still so fast that it appears to be the preferred method and is leading to some frustration with occasional users of the db.
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Matt Warner
Date Created
6/26/2007 10:19:34 AM
Date Updated
5/4/2011 8:15:51 AM
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Edward SicardDesmond BeattyJohn Elcik
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Desmond Beatty 5/4/2011 8:15:51 AM
A user of the system makes no distiction between a "real" fields and a "look up" field. As far as a user is concerned all fields shown to them are real.

The currentr situation unsatisfactory. The user sees a field value in a (lookup) field in a child record and also in a parent record. When the user searches against that value, only the parent record is returned in the search.

Worse, the response explicitly says "no records found" in child tables.

From a DATABASE perspective it might be understandable (the string is not explicitly held in the securities record).

From a USER perspective this is WHOLLY MISLEADING.

It is INCORRECT from a USER perspective as it MISLEADS the user into thinking there are no matching child records that explicitly pull down and present information from the parent record.

(It is correct NOT to list all child records that do NOT carry down the field from parent as a lookup)

In short, searches should INCLUDE LOOKUPs in table relations.

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