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need a way to disable "add similar" button
In our database, there is a table that should only be written to by an external application using the API. So there is a one user role that is allowed to add records to the table, and the users with the right permissions have to login to the outside application using their Teamdesk login. This all works fine, but I want to prohibit the same users from manually adding or modifying records in the Teamdesk GUI. In the setup for the table, I am able to eliminate the "Add" and "Delete" action buttons so that they can only "view" records, but there is a hole in the logic. They can "view" a single record and then there is an "Add similar" button. This button is present EVEN if every column in the table has the add similar checkbox turned off, and I can't find any way to eliminate this button.

My first thought would be that if the "Add" button is not allowed in the view, that the "Add similar" could be suppressed as well. If there is a problem doing that, maybe the add similar could be suppressed if no column had "add similar" enabled?

Matt Warner
Date Created
4/26/2007 2:15:11 PM
Date Updated
12/25/2013 3:59:46 PM
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Liquid Rapid 8/9/2010 8:26:41 PM
I'd like to disable the Add Similar button in many cases, too.
Seth Rubin 10/29/2013 11:30:32 AM
This is creating a real issue. I really think this should be addressed.
Liquid Rapid 11/15/2013 9:43:21 PM
This would really be useful for me, especially on details tables. I want to control it so that users can only add records from the details view. Right now if they View one of the detail records, they get an Add Similar button.
Rick Cogley 11/17/2013 4:13:59 PM
I agree. It would be useful to disable in a number of cases.
basenine 11/17/2013 4:55:41 PM
@dbFlex users... you can turn Add Similar off when necessary. When you go into the required Table in Setup, select the "Custom Actions" under the Rules section...(this ("Custom Actions") will only show when you view the Table after pressing the actual Tab from the top row).

Then you can create a new custom action, select the "Clone" function and name it "Add Similar" "Replaces standard Action"...and Save (Maybe put a description in there like "Disables standard 'Add Similar'").

You may then be required to go to "Views Access" and uncheck all the Views (not 100% sure if this is necessary).

You'll need to turn off (uncheck) the User Roles under "Actions Access" - you get to there by saving the Function and going back to Custom Actions (you'll see it next to New and Reorder)...If you don't do this, you'll still see the "Add Similar" button...however, it won't do to hide it though.

You can also Filter which records you don't want to be able to Clone - it'd generally be all or nothing though, right?
Slava Shinderov  Staff  11/18/2013 2:47:56 AM
@All it's not clear for us what's the difference between "Add Similar" and "New"?
Why "New" should be enabled while "Add Similar" not?
Please uncheck "Allow add similar" for all physical columns and it will work exactly as "New" button.

Liquid Rapid 11/18/2013 7:25:36 AM
For me, this creates an additional load that I now have to think about and maintain for every single table, every single time I build anything. I build a lot of tables, and the more configuration I can eliminate from each one, the faster I can build something, and the less risk of making a mistake. I make it a rule to never use the Default View because of this - then there's one less thing for me to configure on each column, which can make a significant difference if I'm adding a lot of columns. If I could simply disable Add Similar in one place, then I wouldn't need to think about it on every column.

There's also the risk that a client adds a new column to a table, and DOESN'T disable add similar. Now it's no longer working the way I configured it. Again, if I can disable the button centrally, that eliminates the risk of this happening and enables me, as a developer, to control the button now and know that it will stay that way in the future.

From a user experience perspective, my preference is to make the interface as simple as possible. There are 2 things the button affects.

One, it creates a second route for adding records. I'd really like to say to users - to add a record, you go here and use this button. And that's The Only Way to add a record. That makes it simple and clear.

Second, I will sometimes end up with a lot of custom buttons on a table. They all show up at the top of the record, along with the Delete and Add Similar and Back buttons. It can get crowded up there. The more buttons I can eliminate from that list of buttons, the simpler I can make it, and therefore the friendlier it becomes for users. I often disable deleting to eliminate that Delete button. Pulling the Add Similar button off that list would also help.

Whew. Guess I had a few reasons.
Liquid Rapid 11/18/2013 11:39:24 AM
Actually, one more reason that might be more compelling:

I've seen cases where a user intended to hit the Edit button, but accidentally hit Add Similar, and didn't realize they were now editing a new record. The data was all copied over and they got an edit form for the new record, so they thought they were editing the original. It wasn't recognized until much later when a duplicate was found in the system.

This is another reason that I would want to say - OK, let's just turn off that button to prevent any confusion.
basenine 11/20/2013 3:18:07 AM
+1 from me to @Nathan. Like the long post too! ;)
Slava Shinderov  Staff  12/24/2013 9:47:57 AM
We are planning to extend table access rights with options to hide add similar/edit/print/send/export buttons - per user role.
Liquid Rapid 12/24/2013 9:50:30 AM
Thanks Slava - Very happy to hear it!
Rick Cogley 12/24/2013 4:39:31 PM
Thanks Slava!
Slava Shinderov  Staff  12/25/2013 6:57:50 AM
Liquid Rapid 12/25/2013 11:26:43 AM
Very nice! Thanks for the great new features guys.
basenine 12/25/2013 3:56:40 PM
Easy. Thank you.
basenine 12/25/2013 3:59:46 PM
I like the feature where you can alter all the tables at once from within the user role. Again - easy😀
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