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Crosstab/Matrix Views
With crosstab/matrix views you can group data by rows and columns and rollup any number of values. For example, you can generate a tabular view of total number of tasks broken down by project and status. To access detailed information you can drill down in to the data by clicking on intersecting values in the view.

User Experience

Slava Shinderov  Staff 
Date Created
12/15/2006 5:36:44 AM
Date Updated
2/2/2020 2:41:45 AM
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ingmar@sentela.comSlava Shinderov  Staff 
John Elcik 3/27/2008 9:12:43 PM
I've used matrix capability to easily produce market segmentation reports. It is very impressive functionality where even a marketing amateur can find interesting things to do with it.
walhhorn 3/2/2010 3:21:59 PM
Would this be the same as a "pivot table"?

Also, it would be great if such a view could be accessed via RSS.
Rick Cogley 6/23/2010 5:36:37 AM
Yes, a crosstab view or report would definitely be useful to have.
Rick Cogley 7/11/2010 4:58:25 PM
One example of where I would like to see this type of view. Given an assignment of a sales rep, to a territory, and being put in charge of a given product, I want a crosstab report that shows:

Territory | SuperWidget | UltraGadget |
East US | Frank | Jane |
West US | Joe | Pete |

That way I can see at a glance who is supposed to be selling what product in what territory.


Rick Cogley 7/11/2010 5:00:47 PM
So in other words, not just numerics in the grid, but text results.
"Where SuperWidget intersects East US, show rep name".
Desmond Beatty 7/20/2011 7:32:09 AM
I too have a need for Crosstab/Matrix views. The graphic put up by Slava above is an excellent statement of the requirement. I would also want to publish via RSS on a regular basis.

I assert that implmentation of this capability is mostly a matter of presentation. The calculations/sorting is already being done to produce any/all of the current graphical "stacked" Charts! (Indeed, I am currently using stacked charts are a weak interim solution)

I note this has the second highest ranking score of 320.
Personally, I would rank this requirement higher than Multi-row Edit.

Comment and further promotion welcomed!

kind regards
Desmond Beatty 8/30/2011 9:02:04 AM
I just received notification that this Idea is now in Development. Excellent news. I look forward to trying it out.
Rick Cogley 9/5/2011 1:42:39 AM
Very much looking forward to this.
Rick Cogley 9/6/2011 6:21:47 AM
That was fast, Slava, THANKS!
Works like a charm!
Rick Cogley 9/6/2011 7:22:00 AM
Just a question. Like a normal view, can we color the cells of the crosstab based on some criteria?
Also - does the XHTML allow us to do anything creative here?
Martin Odendaal 9/6/2011 7:29:05 AM
Great Work!! Thanks.
Kirill Bondar  Staff  9/6/2011 9:05:01 AM
@Rick: Cells are calculated from multiple values, it's not clear how to address these values via formulas without extensions to formula language. Yet, if we'll do it, it would be nice addition to summary views as well.
Rick Cogley 9/6/2011 6:30:31 PM
Hi Kirill - it would be killer if you could do that and indeed, summary views would benefit as well.

Another thing I noticed. It would perhaps be good to have the ability to sort the xtab by clicking on its columns like in a regular report. That would allow me to quickly rank things in the report, to see what or who had the most x or y.

One of my favorite series of books is by a professor Edward Tufte.

Some of the ways he visualizes data in his books is extraordinary, and it would be a home run if TeamDesk could do some more in terms of visual indicators in reports like what he illustrates. For instance, things like "heat maps" where a cell is red, yellow, or green, or a graphic is shown, depending on a total. I hope you might have a look and a think about what might be possible.
basenine 9/6/2011 7:29:16 PM
Awesome - great feature...

Agree with Rick regarding the sort by column - and maybe also make the row distinction clearer (darken the grey perhaps).

Otherwise, all good
Philipp Matuschka (MMB) 9/7/2011 1:41:27 AM
This is great, thank you. Suggestion, include an option by column / rows to include or exclude totals.
Kirill Bondar  Staff  9/7/2011 6:52:51 AM
@Brett: coloring is standard, used in table/summary views too.

Otherwise thanks for suggesitions :)

Kirill Bondar  Staff  9/7/2011 7:01:54 AM
By the way last column/row is not a total per se: it's a result of a function(s) you specified to calculate based on all data that forms the column/cell. "Summary" might be a better label, perhaps.
beo 9/7/2011 12:36:46 PM
I would like to configure different views for each calculated column.
Rick Cogley 10/13/2011 4:57:58 AM
One nice thing we noticed about this new feature is, the Details View on the crosstab view can be set to a view that is visible or not depending upon role. For users in a role without permission to see the view, no links appear in the inside of the xtab grid. For users in a role with the right permissions, the links appear and the user can drill down into it.

It is good, because instead of giving an error message that the user does not have permission, the link simply does not appear. It is quiet, neat and clean.
Jeff Zortman 11/10/2011 10:06:42 AM
Having a matrix of text field values would also be extremely handy. Maybe apply a "concatenate" function on the text values like you see in a summary column relationship?
Rick Cogley 11/18/2011 6:04:58 PM
I am doing some crosstab setup today, and noticed this: I would like to have percentages available inside the new crosstab reports, as well. For instance, if I am showing people X years, with hours inside, a view I would like is to show the percentage instead of the exact hours.

This is possible in a regular graph-type view as you can stack, but would be nice to have in crosstabs.

Also, the text indicators inside would be great too. That way, I could do Activity X Period, with some simple indicator inside, like RED, YELLOW, GREEN.


Kirill Bondar  Staff  11/24/2011 9:35:30 AM
Rick Cogley 11/24/2011 4:23:11 PM
Thanks Kirill! We appreciate the extra flexibility.
Stan Groshev 2/5/2015 8:43:23 PM
Cross-tab view lacking option to view date as percentage to the column total or to row total. This was very useful in Quickbase. Right now I have to copy date to excel and run calculations there.
Gii Systems 9/18/2015 4:14:52 AM
Would be super useful if data can be converted to % of row total.
Also - If we could insert an info column/s that calculates its value based on other columns on the view. I.e. InfoColumn1 = Column A - Column B
Rebecca Sell 2/2/2020 2:41:45 AM
Can this be improved by:

Option to not have row totals
Option to not have bottom totals
Option of how many characters to show on Row titles

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