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Call URL - Connect two databases.
What is needed: Whatever records are created in Table 2 would automatically be reflected in Table 3.The issue is they are both located in different databases.

Some background detail:
Database 1
Table 1
Table 2

Database 2
Table 3

Table 1 has a custom button that creates a record in Table 2.

Table 2 has a trigger that activates when a record is added. The first action is a Call URL that I want to use create and update Table 3 in another database. My problem is in this part. I'm not sure on which method to use and if I have the right idea with the URL. I was suggested to use a REST API as well, not too sure when to utilize that.


Aniarka Diaz
Date Created
8/30/2023 1:26:10 PM
Date Updated
8/30/2023 1:50:52 PM
cooper collier  8/30/2023 1:45:18 PM
The REST API is highly recommended to efficiently accomplish this task. In Database 2, you can utilize the API playground to determine the specific API call required to create the record. Once you have obtained the necessary API call, you can then implement it in Database 1.

The API instructions are straightforward, and much clearer compared to many others I have encountered before.
Aniarka Diaz 8/30/2023 1:48:11 PM
I'll try that thank you.
cooper collier  8/30/2023 1:50:52 PM
after I wrote the previous, I noticed the attached picture. You are starting from the wrong side. Go the database 2 and use the api playground and read the documentation. If you need consulting help, we can check with my boss and see what we can do for you.

I am a bit concerned if you are duplicating data in multiple tables and databases. We always try to never do that. but there are always exceptions.
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