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Zebra Printers
Here is my workflow.
We assemble a product that the core of a unit comes from a vendor with a serial number on it. we then take that product and build a system around it. we currently use teamdesk to track production and QC. as a worker gets the parts at there station they scan a barcode that is on our core unit. they then build the product and complete the build and send to qc. qc then checks the product. after check is complete it goes to my packaging department. i am trying to find a way that when the product clears the QC department i would like to print out a label on a zebra printer so that my packaging department can then package and label the box. has anyone written anything that can send the barcode to a printer to print?


Mike Nelson
Date Created
8/4/2023 9:24:10 AM
Date Updated
8/7/2023 10:42:05 AM
calvin peters 8/4/2023 11:29:19 AM
I believe if you create a formula barcode based on the scan or some other
Criteria you establish in your app that you can print that
Straight from TD.

We use that for printing QR codes and barcodes based on similar

Place that in. Word.docx created from a template of columns from your table
And add it to Documents . The button for the document can trigger the image to render and send to the printer as whatever label you require.

If you need to have it triggered as a workflow rather than a manual click
You can likely add it to a workflow action

Mike Nelson 8/7/2023 9:19:41 AM
We are already creating the barcode via formula and have that in our record.

i understand using document generation to create a label that has just the barcode on it.

what i dont understand is how are you getting it to auto print from the button.

when you select on the "label": button is generates a word doc and puts it in my downloads folder. what are you using to automate to open that and print?

calvin peters 8/7/2023 10:42:05 AM
So, it is still a 2-click process to get it to the printer but when the button is clicked it generates a "ready-to-print" state by openning the printer client on the terminal (forgive my poor computereze and programming terms were never a strong suit for me)

Basically the document image is rendered on the screen using the printer client rather than performing a download-and-save action.

You can set that up uisng the "DOCUMENT SETUP" form and under "OUTPUT FORMAT" select PDF or WORDand below that check-off "SEND TO PRINTER" and "BREAK on NEW RECORD". That 2nd one ensures that each new record is rendered on it's own document rather than running them all together as a single "page".

As for printing labels specifically, that's not anything I've attempted to do and I assume it's something that is formatted within the WORD.docx merge doc.

The "SEND to PRINTER" is only available with the PDF OUTPUT FORMAT and I'm not sure how any specific WORD label formatting translates to PDF.

This is the section from HELP regarding DOCUMENTS:

The section states "...If you select Output Format as PDF, Send to printer option becomes available.

With this option checked, click on a document’s button, instead of prompting to download the file will open browser’s print preview frame."

There are some caveates to it's function like no Android support and some Mac OS bug but otherwise it's less clicking and navigating than the download default setup.

Hope that helps Mike...

When you first create the document it is defaulted to the download state
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