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Display issue following zooms
Dear all

After zooming and un-zooming the view of my browser (Safari - latest), I have display issues on all my teamdesk views.
The text in the buttons did not came back to the right size.

I've had the same in the past, but this time I can't shake it off.

Would any of you have a recommendation to fix this ?

Kind regards,



Date Created
7/6/2023 3:12:18 AM
Date Updated
7/6/2023 6:40:45 PM
basenine 7/6/2023 3:34:00 AM
I’ve not seen this before Pierre.
Are you zooming specifically on TD pages or when you’re on another site in a different tab/window and then coming back to TD?
If it’s when you’re on another site, you may be able to set specific properties forTD pages. Right click in the URL bar and select “settings for this site”… here you can force the page to be set to 100% zoom (or other).
Also, do you use a dbstyles.css at all?

Pierre 7/6/2023 4:03:28 AM
Hello Brett

Thanks a lot for your help - again !

I have specific zooming settings for many sites.
This time I had changed the setting of TD to some value, and then tried to come back to the usual one.

I have tried the right click on the URL (to some value, and then back to 100%) - the issue remains
And whatever the zoom setting I choose, the size of the button is too small (or the text in the button is too large : the text in the button won't fit).

I am not using any dbstyle.css

Kind regards,


basenine 7/6/2023 4:40:37 AM
Might be time for a cache reset?
basenine 7/6/2023 5:32:21 AM
You could also check the font size settings…

If you’ve selected ‘never use font sizes smaller than: x’
and you select a large font here, I can replicate the issue (sort of)
These settings are found in the Advanced preferences
Pierre 7/6/2023 10:09:55 AM
Thanks again for your never-ending support

I found a solution without cleaning my cache

Safari Menu -> Settings -> Websites -> Page Zoom
line : teamdesk
action : delete [translated from French]

I guess I had two contradictory settings for Teamdesk in Safari

Kind regards,

basenine 7/6/2023 6:40:45 PM
Hello Pierre,
Glad you were able to get it sorted, and teach us something in the process.

Enjoy your weekend 🙂

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