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Hello to you all

I am struggling to connect TeamDesk to API and I wonder if somebody could help me do this. This involves an OAUTH authentification.

As far as I understand, provides token which are valid for one hour.
- The initial token have to be requested with OAUTH / this I am failing to do
- The successive tokens are refreshed without OAUTH. This I can do. I am using Integromat to create a refresh request every 50 minutes.

To make the OAUTH authentification, I am trying to use the OAUTH teamdesk system, which requires the following fields (Call workflow action with Generic :

1. Authorization URL
2. Token URL
3. Client ID
4. Client Secret
5. Scope instructions ( explain items 3,4,5, and REDIRECTION URL but not:
1. Authorization URL
2. Token URL
Could you explain what I should use in AUTHORIZATION URL and TOKEN URL ? Is any of them the same thing as REDIRECTION URL ?

Kind regards,



Date Created
9/13/2021 6:38:30 AM
Date Updated
9/13/2021 10:20:32 AM
Pierre 9/13/2021 10:20:32 AM
I found the solution to my issue:

Solved !
1) I was using the wrong OAUTH choice in; the correct one is OAuth 2.0 (User or Client Authentication)
(not with Grant Certificate)
2) When you choose this option, provides the correct redirect URI
3) Authorization URL is:
Kind regards,
4) Leave Token URL empty
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