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iPhone icons
As suggested before with favicons:
Favicon for each Application

I think it would also be great to be able to set an icon for an iPhone home screen using the safari bookmark - add to Home screen feature.

It could be used to:
- Help set up Users with specific table access - directing them to the dashboard of that page directly from the phone Home Screen
- It could be set up with an icon that is a 'Clock' image for a "Time Sheets" table
- As above with a '$' image for "Invoices" table
- As above with a 'Home' image for ....."Home" table

I don't think you'd want to fill up the home screen with too many - probably 4. Personalising the application could simply look more professional on the phone.
I've configured a Workaround to achieve this function but an easy built in feature would be nice. I was thinking that in Table Properties, an icon function could be added...Parameters required are image size to be 114px x 114px.

If there is enough interest (promotions of idea), I'll post a 'How to" workaround 😉

In the attached image, you can see the DEFAULT add to home screen icon named 'Home - TC..." the 2nd one goes to the new Home screen, the 3rd - to Quotes/Orders (I didn't do a special icon!) and the 4th to Time Sheets


Date Created
1/14/2014 4:15:29 AM
Date Updated
1/14/2014 4:15:29 AM
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